Dr. Schmutz works with children of all ages and their parents. When children are in distress and need help, they often have behavior problems and can become disobedient, moody, sullen, irritable or have eating and sleep problems. Children communicate their problems through their behaviors, talking and their play. As Dr. Schmutz understands and discovers the nature of a child’s problems, she works with the problems in the interaction with the child. Dr. Schmutz’s relationships with parents and caregivers are also essential to the process. Not only do parents provide important information and insight into the nature of their child’s problems, but they are also crucial to the process because they are the primary relationships in a child’s life. Dr. Schmutz works with parents to understand what is happening with their child and to think about what they can do at home to help move their child’s progress along. If need be, Dr. Schmutz will also meet with a child’s school to help solve school problems.


Adolescents can have mood issues, anxiety, identity issues, school problems and they can have trouble relating and getting along with their parents. Teenagers can also have body image issues, gender issues, or social problems. Adolescents can be volatile, and even make choices which are risky. It is a time of rapid change and development and roadblocks or hiccups in the process can send them down a problematic path. Dr. Schmutz offers a space for adolescents to sort through, think and solve their problems. She also helps them find better ways to relate to their parents.