Dr. Schmutz is a Full Faculty member at the Institute for Clinical Social Work teaching psychoanalytic theory and practice. She teaches classes in person and on zoom.

Dr. Schmutz leads psychoanalytic study groups on a variety of topics including technique, forms of unconscious communication, free association, play therapy, and parent work in the psychoanalytic treatment of children and adolescents.

For more than a decade, Dr. Schmutz was adjunct faculty at Northwestern University Medical School in a psychoanalytic psychotherapy training program.

Dr. Schmutz provided consultation, workshops and seminars for children and adolescents for many years for Little Friends, Inc. She used psychoanalytic ideas to help foster thinking, understanding, and planning for students suffering from severe developmental trauma and emotional challenges.

In 2018-19, Dr. Schmutz served as part of a team of consultants teaching psychoanalytic psychotherapy as part of a research project affiliated with Division V, The Section for Applied Clinical Psychoanalysis, of Division, 39. The study was investigating the impact of psychoanalytic consultation on clinicians working in community mental health settings.


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